Helping Healthcare Professionals build, maintain and save their private practice and/or decrease lawsuits by improving patient (and clinician or staff) communication and outcomes!

I’m Cassandra Govan, Genetic Behavior Specialist, Educator, Trainer and Professional Speaker at Dema Agency Consultants LLC and Atlanta Telehealth (HAGO Health).

Did you know miscommunication in healthcare is one of the primary reasons for medical malpractice lawsuits- over 80% to be precise?

Miscommunication is also one of the primary reason why clinicians and/or employees in organizations have so many internal challenges and why healthcare professionals and their businesses continue to FAIL.

According to a study conducted by Harvard, 87% of workplace communication issues are due to unmanaged human behaviors; behaviors that are wreaking havoc in your practice or organization.

These behaviors and their challenges can be prevented however IF you as a healthcare professional chooses to use services or resources designed and proven to solve your problems long-term.

This is where my partners and I can be of assistance.

We help you build, maintain and save your private practice and/or decrease medical malpractice lawsuits by focusing on patient (and clinician or staff) communication and outcomes using genetic (DNA) behavior insights.

As your accredited specialist and consultant, we use the World’s ONLY natural behavior and money insights licensed software to offer validated behavioral insights designed to help you uncover and understand how genetic natural behavior talents (traits) affects decision-making.

We uncover the many different dimensions of behavior allowing you as a healthcare professional to create a Work-Life FIT and behaviorally sound culture for your clinicians, employees and patients and/or within your practice.

With over 91% accuracy and predictable results, natural strengths, struggles, biases, risk factors and communication styles are revealed for you or those you employ and/or serve and this revealing is the gateway to healing mentally and physically.

Additionally, as an Agency, we take the guess work out of ‘getting to know’ someone and teach you to see them for their strengths not their ___________ (insert your biases).

Sounds unorthodox, right?

I thought so too UNTIL I used it on myself; started mentoring Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, LCSW’s, Nurses, healthcare pros, and executives; offered insight to mental health practices; and assisted others in getting licensed and trained to utilize the software.

In fact, I am one of few specialists and consultants skilled and equipped to specifically train mental health, healthcare and fitness professionals utilizing this ONE validated omnichannel product which provides a minimum of 200 behavior and money insights.

In June 2022, I joined forces with Atlanta Telehealth (HAGO Health) offering services to veteran patients using VA Insurance and cash-paid patients.

If you’re READY to limit or decrease malpractice lawsuits, improve communication, and help your patients have better outcomes, now would be a great time for you to get your solution as a Provider or Individual below.

Choose which suits you best.

I want the solution for my Practice or organization, leadership team, clinicians, staff and/or patients. I want to work on improving the company.

I want to improve my Practice’s Outcomes such as:

  • Behavioral or mental health
  • Hospital readmission rates
  • Internal & external communication
  • Individual & team productivity
  • Leadership development
  • Retention and compliance (patient/clinician)
  • Financial mismanagement
  • Talent Acquisition (uncovering essential soft skills, strengths, struggles, biases & risk behaviors)
  • Onboarding, hiring, job matching, and rewards
  • Complex organizational issues
  • Revenue or income loss

I want the solution for myself as a patient, business owner, coach, consultant, leader, clinician, client, or partner. I want to work on me.

I want to improve my Personal Outcomes such as:

  • Behavioral or mental health
  • Compliance
  • Quality Life Goals & Planning
  • Career or business growth
  • Leadership development
  • Finding my ideal role
  • Body, fitness or nutrition challenges
  • Relationships (spouse, partnerships, friends)
  • Communication skills
  • Financial or money concerns
  • Valuing myself, removing imposter syndrome or doubt and fear
  • Stress, anxiety and burnout
  • Being Work-Life FIT